Plus Size Modeling - Positive Role Models for Young Women

It was once the case that to be a success in the modeling industry, you needed to be a skinny, almost boyish looking waif (think Kate Moss) - thankfully this is no longer the case, and we are starting to see more and more plus size models being picked up by agencies the world over. Part of the reason for this is that the media have come under pressure to move away from thin and offer a more accurate representation of what real women look like - enter the plus size models!

When we talk about plus sized models, we're not talking about big, unhealthy looking women - you are still expected to be healthy and well toned, but they are appreciated and respected for the fact that they are curvaceous women who reflect the average size of most women. This type of model will create the impression that you can be slightly bigger, but still look after yourself and be considered attractive.

Plus Size Models - Beating Negative Perceptions

If agencies were to continue to use only thin people for their promotional work, then it's only natural that this would send out a negative impression to young girls who can be easily influenced. It is simply just not realistic for girls to try and emulate a size 6 or size 8, so plus size give them a healthier example of what an attractive woman might look like. Women have always been under pressure to fit in with a certain media image, this industry expands our minds and allows us to recognize that models are a mirror of the types of women we see walking the streets in everyday life.

Become a Plus Size Model

Modeling agencies generally look for this type of model that is around a 14 or 16 in a UK dress size. To become a plus size model, you will still need to fit in with certain criteria, the same as would be expected for any kind of modeling. For example, you will need to have a fantastic smile with white straight teeth, shiny well-kept hair and fantastic skin. You also need to work on selling your main points, so good proportions of the curves and long beautiful legs are definitely a bonus if you want to become a plus size model.

As more modeling agencies take on this type of model, the more opportunities seem to be created to promote products and services in all different kinds of modeling agency contracts. As modeling agencies and the companies that they work with become more comfortable with the plus size modeling industry, we are seeing this happen more and more frequently in catwalk shows, commercial work and promotional advertising.

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