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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Petite Women

Most petite size women have a difficult time finding clothing that fit them well. That is because there is a limited amount of clothing that is available. It is even more difficult for a woman that is petite plus. Although many retailers will cater to plus size women, they may limit the amount of petite plus size clothing that is available. What can you do if you are petite plus to make the most out of your size? Here are a few tips that you would want to consider.

Compromise - If you are petite plus, you may be able to use regular size clothing in unique ways. For example, many petite women who are plus sized use regular sized Capri pants as the perfect pants for them. An additional example would be a very short skirt for a woman who is considered "regular size". This may fit you around the waist well and it may be low enough that it could be considered a moderate dress. Don't be afraid to try on regular size clothing to see what is going to fit for you. In many cases, you will be able to use regular size clothes without even going to the tailor. No one ever has to know that it is not a petite plus specific style.

Local Tailors - Although we just discussed the possibility of using regular size clothing without tailoring it, there may be times when you need something tailored. This is especially true when you have limited choices, as you do when you are petite plus. You may be able to use a wide variety of clothing and you don't need to frequent shops that are specific to your size. You may find, however, that the pants leg may be a little bit long or perhaps the sleeve of the shirt hangs a bit too low. This is going to be simple work for a local tailor who can hem the clothing for you so that it is the perfect fit.

What Is Your Favorite? - It is likely that you have a favorite store that has clothing which typically fits your frame. Although it is nice to search elsewhere from time to time and see what is available, don't overlook your favorites as a way to continue to get the clothing that you need. There are a variety of retail stores that don't necessarily cater to petite plus women but their collection may be best for you. Check out some of the larger, popular chains in your area to see if there is one that is right for you.

Be Yourself - Just because you fit into a category that has limited choices does not mean that you need to make the same choice as every other woman that is petite plus. There is a lot of room for individuality, especially if you are able to think outside of the box. Try to develop your own style that fits your personality and stick with it. It is likely that you will be able to find the clothing that is right for you when it is in a specific style.

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Boost Your Self-Image With Plus Size Lingerie

There are many plus size women that need to know how to boost their self-image by wearing sexy lingerie for their curvy body. Many women may feel insecure about how they look, but once they break out of the box and explore their feelings they will usually feel self-confident and self- assured about themselves. People of today are more outgoing and assertive than they were years ago. Each person has their own unique style and choose different types of fashion to show it.

Sometimes there is a fine line between being sexy and risqué. You should choose or opt for being sexy and classy at the same time. You may not know how to boost your self-image but if you review the following tips it may help you with your curvy or plus size sexy lingerie.

- Positive attitude leads to a positive self-image on how you feel and look. Project an undeniable and realistic appearance physically and mentally. Do this by releasing negative thoughts about your size and the way how people think about you.

- Determine which attributes you have and what works best for you. Do this by looking at what parts of your body ( for example; well-endowed breast or shapely legs) are more flattering and what will help give you that confident look which in turn will give your whole body a new look.

- Observe and test which colors accentuate you at your best, what you like and makes you feel good. If you have large hips, make them look sexier and more appealing by wearing a dark bottom. If you have a curvy body, wear an animal print that makes your total look sexy.

- When choosing a fabric to wear, choose one that is daring and fancy but charming. These types of fabrics are silk and chiffon-like. They usually feel soft and look appeasing to you and your mate.

- Positive compliments made by your mate, companion or husband will make a big difference in your attitude towards yourself and will also help your self-image.

- If you don't have a significant other to help boost your morale, just think about how good you look inside and out. Often times a new piece of lingerie will make all the difference in the world and add excitement to your life.

By boosting your self-image with your curvy or plus size sexy lingerie it gives a more personable and unique look. When wearing an intimate apparel that helps your figure, it will also be pleasing to the mind. You become more aware of what the world has to offer you.

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Plus-Size Modeling Agencies

1. Ford 12+ Division
Besides being home to one of the best-known model searches on the planet, Ford has a formidable number of plus-size models in the ranks. Another plus? Offices are located in a wide variety of cities, and not just in the U.S. You can find Ford + Divisions in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

2. Close Models (UK)
Close Models boasts impressive plus-size models in its ranks, including Charlotte Coyle, who began as a plus-size model for Torrid covers and is now represented by several international agencies.

3. Wilhelmina ten20 Division
Wilhelmina represents a good number of high-powered (and gorgeous) plus-size models in the country, and has its own ten20 division located in L.A.

4. Dorothy Combs Models
This Miami modeling agency represents models sized 10+ and represents some "true" plus-size models of larger proportions, like model Yanderis Lodos.

5. Goddess Models
This agency has a fabulously large portfolio of plus-size models, which is promising in itself. With offices in New York, they cover commercial print, fit, fashion print, commercials, and showroom for sizes 10 and up.

6. Irene Marie
You'll find Irenie Marie in Miami, and while the portfolios are password-protected, you'll be impressed by their selection of models to manage, who include gorgeous Anne Loukachenets and Rachel Wakulchyk.

7. 12 Plus UK
12 Plus UK has a rather slick site with access to all their top plus-sizes models' links. Their "Be a Model" link is encouraging and explains exactly what you'll need to submit for consideration.

8. Agence Plus (Paris)
This agency in Paris instantly makes we plus-size women feel and look as sexy as we really are. Two models of note who are represented by Agence are Charlotte Coyle and Anabelle Urslet, both of whom are not only dazzling, but becoming more and more successful in the plus-size fashion scene.

9. Model Team (Hamburg, Germany)

Model Team has secured an impressive roster of plus-size models, including Charlotte Coyle (yes, again!). This agency's modern European design is rather enticing and glamorous, and it's certainly worth a look.

Andrea Boschim Plus Size Model


Brazilian model Andrea Boschim is among the sexiest plus size models out there. Born in 1978, the Hispanic model started her career in plus size modeling in 2002 through a contest. She competed with 70 other competitors to win the contest. Boschim started doing fashion photo shoots at first. In later years, she appeared in various television contests and programs in Brazil. Boschim appeared on the pages of renowned magazine “Veja”, the very first plus size model to do so. She has also worked as a fashion consultant for various fashion shows on television as well as other fashion events.

Photos Of Jennie Runk Plus-Size Swimwear Model


America’s Gorgeous Plus Size Models

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